What are ‘Dank memes?’

it may be unattainable to trace down the origin of Web memes, usually humorous concepts and goofy photographs with foolish captions, and it typically would not actually clarify how they morph from one factor (generally innocent) to one thing else (extremely hateful). That is why it is not straightforward to clarify the idea of “Dank memes,” which has change into a buzzword for both the most effective, most artistic and funniest memes on-line, or the worst, dumbest and most offensive ones, relying on which neighborhood you ask on-line.

As a result of memes might be hilarious to 1 group, whereas wildly inappropriate or incomprehensible to others, dank memes appear to be outlined as merely being of 1 excessive or one other. Know Your Meme has chosen to go with the definition that “Dank meme” is used paradoxically to imply the uncoolest of them, however the best way it is getting used on websites reminiscent of Reddit and by these within the meme trenches counsel that there is nonetheless an unironic and abiding affection for even the dankest of memes. (Which might imply they’re nice or not nice; we’re not fairly positive anymore.)

Why do you have to care? As a result of some memes have a approach of infiltrating well-liked tradition, such because the Web horror character Slender Man or Grumpy Cat. They usually can advanced in ugly methods, as with the initially innocuous cartoon character “Pepe The Frog” from artist Matt Furie, which has been co-opted by teams on-line to become a symbol of white supremacy and hate. Visit site